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so... yesterday, my mom spilled her drink on all of my notes and homework. My notes and homework are all torn and wet and there is nothing I can do about it. I cried for an hour over it because there is no way I can’t fix it. I was going to have my exams in two days time and now I can’t even do my revision. The next day, my dad forced me to to teach my brother his homework, I denied saying that I was studying but he still forced. So I taught my brother patiently and my brother didn’t even listen, he just wanted to know the answer. I told him that that is not learning and so my dad came over and scolded me. My dad also blamed me for the spillage yesterday although it was my mo meji spilled the drink. He reprimanded me very badly and I just broke down on the spot. He lashed at me again for crying, saying that it is not ok to cry. I was so mad and sad, I can’t control my emotions. I need advice, can anyone out there help me?