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My Dad isn’t a very nice person

This all started in December 2018 My family was hosting a Christmas party for our friends and stuff. Everyone had left around 11:30pm. My dad has gotten really drunk and when he gets drunk he isn’t very nice. I was around 11 and my brother was 13. I was in my bedroom tiding up and I went to check on my brother to see if he needed help (he suffers from really bad ADD) That’s when I saw my brother sitting on the floor in the corner crying as my dad hit him, my brother does karate and my dad was “showing him some moves”. I ran downstairs to tell my mum and she didn’t think what he was doing was that bad, until I started balling my eyes out. I was so scared. My mum got upstairs and was like “what are you doing” then a load of other things happen (I can’t remember it too vividly) but I remember my mum on the phone to the police crying telling them they needed to come and telling them they needed to stop my dad. I was sat on my bed crying with my mum, and my dad came into my room, and he started whispering trying to make me feel bad telling me “you don’t want your dad to go to prison do you?” I was really scared. I hated it. Once the police came they told my dad that he had had a warning and if they were ever called again then they would put him in jail. That night we had to sleep round at our neighbours house to make sure we were safe. I cried myself to sleep. I hate my dad.