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My dad really is an idiot

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He cant read the situation to save his life. If I'm super paranoid about a phone call, he answers the phone and acts secretive like thats the right way to handle it. And my bumbling idiot brother walks in like the doofus he is and makes my problems his problem because he's bored, unfulfilled and never had a life of his own. He always takes my dads side no matter what. He hates my mother because she is the highest earner in the house because of his sexist mafia movie programming. Thats how sick and pathetic this incel douchebag is. He hates me for things I said years ago...still...because he has a fragile ego and takes everything to heart meanwhile wants to be seen as a tough guy. My dad is an idiot for not being able to read the situation to prevent problems from escalating. Two straight male privileged morons who think they are ahead of the game when in reality they are wayyyy behind the curve. WAY BEHIND