My dad told me I should watch my weight

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my dad told me I was looking like I was gaining weight and I should watch out. I’ve always been concerned about my weight and that made me even more concerned. I’m average weight. Maybe some pounds over average but not enough to be considered obese. I eat a lot but the day he told me that I didn’t eat for a whole day. I caved in the very evening though and shoved my face with whatever I could find. I don’t have enough control to stop eating. I wish I had anorexia. I’m sorry I know it’s a horrible thing and I’m so proud of everyone getting over it, but I wish I had it. Then i would be slim and I could gain weight in a healthy way. And not be fat. I feel so stupid cause I’m only thirteen years old. I’m a girl also so there’s a lot of beauty standards to fulfill. I have a lot of acne and I don’t have a good body shape and I’m actually ugly. Like I don’t fit any Beauty standard. And please don’t say I’m beautiful because I know I’m not and you don’t know what I look like.

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