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My daughter

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This happened as lockdown started in South Africa.

First let me state that i am addicted to all pussy and i mean all.

My daughter of 15 at that stage came to visit me for the first part of lockdown.

Anyway i acted all sad and broken and when we walked somewhere i would say im sore in my thighs. It didnt take long for her to ask what would help. All the while i "played" say not to worry.

One day she said i must please tell her (here is my chance i said) so i made up a story that im a nudist and that the clothes hurts me hahaha. She felk for it and told me i can be nude she dont mind. I got so hard i sat and taljed untill my boner went down.

I rushed to the bathroom and stripped, wanking a quick one to settle my cock and then went to her.

I was shaking so much. She looked at me and i thanked her for "understanding" hahahaha. And there i was flashing my cock at my own daughter.

I must tell you its a rush. In everything i did i made sure she could see my cock.

Oh god i loved it.

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