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During the month of February, like every college there were campus placements.I was shortlisted for a company interview and i was not prepared at all. So, my mentor knew this guy who was from the previous batch and had been placed there.He called him and the three of us were on a conference call and then he asked me to call him after a while. I called him and started asking qu about what questions i would be facing.He answered them but i found him quite rude but as a concerned senior he asked me to let him know the result.Frankly i was never going to call him because i felt he was very rude.

I have been talking to him since months and now my perception of him being rude has totally changed.So, we continued talking and felt an instant connection.He expressed how he feels about me but i wasn't ready to accept it because of my past experiences.I didn't wanted to loose him, neither was i ready to be his girlfriend. But destiny made this possible.I didn't liked many of his views and honestly i don't even want to change them.Everyone's point of views differs.But the way he showed me affection revived my thinking about what love is.He annoys me sometimes but i can't stop thinking about him. We haven't met, yet all this seems so easy.I don't know if i should trust him or not but somewhere deep down my heart their is a certain feeling of love for him.I don't want to be broken again.All I ever wanted is just love and trust.Unknowingly he hurts me and i just feel like letting him go because once i get attached to someone it is really painful to let someone go.My views about love has always made me judge him about his efforts but even if this is just for a while i want it.I want him to stay there for me.

There are certain relations which makes you believe in destiny and even after repelling it if you are constantly being attracted then it really adds something to your life.Destiny sums up your ways of life so just trust your instincts.

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