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My dream

what if I want to be an athlete but my parents have high expectations of me to be a successful businesswoman?

I was able to get school awards. it's just fun to see my parents happy because I got it. I am also happy because I got it but I am happier because I see them happy. I used to be happy in my life, just going to study over and over again, getting an award, my parents will be happy, then studying again and then getting an award again, then I will see them again. until the day comes when my grades drop because I become too complacent. since that day, I have taken my studies seriously. that is no longer for my parents, but only for my grades. The day came when I was very stressed but I was not allowed to stop, so I kept going. Eventually, I got another award. I'm happy with my life like that, but I still can't help but feel boring.

the day came when it was one of the happiest days of my life. I had a friend that I like. I'm good at hiding my feelings because of the pocket books I read. I always notice that my friend is always dirty but he still looks good. I asked him why he was so dirty in his body. then he said, they always have taekwondo training before entering school. they also don't have as much time to take a bath, so they just dress properly. when I heard what he said. I am very curious about taekwondo. I told him that I also wanted to do taekwondo, and that's when my happier days started.

By the time I got into taekwondo, my friends had increased. almost all grade level, I have a friend. everytime I train, I always laugh at them. even though we are tired of training, we are still able to joke. we also spend less time preparing for school because of our stories. so we go to school with a dirty face because of sweat. I am happier when I am with them. I can hardly feel tired when I am with them. it is more fun to beat the body while they are in the body than to be stressed due to math problems. I will also be happier when I see my parents happy for me. until the day I dreaded came. the "card giving" day. I'm scared because I know in myself that I can no longer focus much but I still do everything I can for my grades. but ... as expected, my parents were angry because I got grades. they stopped me from training and made me focus on studying again. I could do nothing there so I followed them. my life went back to student life. but I feel, I am even more bored. I could not afford to go back to that life so I told my parents that I wanted to join sports again even if it's not at school. My parents agreed, but this time, I was the one who was guilty because we had to pay the tuition fee at the gym I went to. I want to stop for my parents but I also do not want to stop because I am happy there. I already dreamed of "I want to be the representative of our country and get a gold medal"

I have to make a decision in the life I have to go through: to fulfill my dream of not knowing what will happen next or in the life that my parents want me to know for my own good.

it was hard for me to do the thing I just wanted for my parents. it is also difficult for me to do what I want even if I do not know what will happen next