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My ex-boyfriend had a crush on a girl who slept with her daddy

My ex-boyfriend had a crush on a girl who slept with her daddy. He was in love with her because her boobs were huge. He thought it was amusing that she slept with her daddy in order to get financial support.

She had a married boyfriend on top of that.

Only reason she didn’t end up in a relationship with my ex-boyfriend was because he was a broke ass motherfucker. But one day she cut herself with a knife and severed an artery. Do you know who she called first? She called my boyfriend to tell him about it and he locked me in the bathroom while he talked to her on the phone. Why didn’t she call an ambulance and go to the hospital to get microsurgery? I had to wait an hour to be let out of the bathroom and he was like oh she called me to say that you know she suffered an artery. I mean he is fucking that bitch behind my back and talking about her like oh she’s his friend.

I couldn’t save money when I was going out with him because he was just so broke and useless. One day he yelled at me that I needed to get out my ATM card because he wanted to go and watch a movie.

To this day, I cannot believe I allowed someone to treat me so badly. I’m kind of shocked that I stayed with him for that long. It was the worst two years of my life but I stayed with him because he was a bully and I knew that he would openly talk about having sex with me if I broke up with him.

I dumped his ass after he proposed to me. He moved to France soon after proposing. Over the phone, he said that he proposed to me in case I got pregnant and he didn’t want his friends to think he was a dirt bag. In other words he was proposing to me to save face for himself. I took the ring off and I gave it to my sister. She lost it at a party. I will never speak to that disgusting piece of garbage ever again.