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My ex thinks i cheated her

Back is 2017 i took a break from everything and stopped talking to my real friends, I forced myself in western life style and with time i went deep into it, on February 2020 I met with a girl who was my mutual friend, we started to date each other and slowly we both caught feelings for each other, things were going so right, i was so happy with her, but unfortunately that relationship didn’t last too long, i broke up

I don’t live in the present, I always think about my future and plan things, and i went too far with it, at some point I really thought am I dating a wrong person or is something wrong with me, I didn’t sleep two nights before breaking up, i started to ignore her and all of my friend’s calls and texts and tried to be alone for some moment. 

I once brought her home to meet my parents as a friend, I told about her to my internet best friend and they were so happy about it, even i told my high school teacher about her.

We used to go on dates couple times a week, once she asked me to skip my classes to meet her, which was not really a sign of true relationship for me, and at some point I really felt she is very different to me and finally I decided to break up; After I broke up everything changed, all of my friends started to ignore me and my whole friend circle broke, but only one of my friends understood me and was always by my side, my internet friends were so supportive.

Just after a month of our breakup she went in a relationship with a very close friend of mine, I won’t say anything wrong about her but because of her my friend circle broke, and im glad that I could realise who my real friends are...

My School best friend helped me a lot mentally she talked to my mother about everything going on in my life, my ex hates her but the only thing my best friend did is helping me in every moment, later she slapped me hard for going into that relationship

I never cheated her, I never wanted anything bad for her (i swear of my parents and my whole life) , just like other people I just wanted a very kind and honest relationship, but things didn’t go as I thought it would be. But im glad...