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My ex’s mom will be death of us

I swear her mom is killing her thru stress. They blamed me. She divorce me. Ow she’s much worse. Autistic son start having seizures. Other kids depressed.

Ex makes excuses. Everyone’s fault but her. Well it’s really her mom. When she move up the other daughters & grand daughters suddenly move. Some went out of state. My ex only fool to put up with it.

But she’s putting herself in a grave. I emptied my bank to try to save her. If this doesn’t work she literally will die. Meanwhile I got blood infection & nearly died from these cheap dives.

Now I can’t sleep. Her mom talked into sell house I’d paid off. Over priced house I help pay for. Now she wants to sell it. Move into place by her mom. Have me rent an apartment & my youngest live with me.

I’m dying it seems. I’m trying to fix her house before I die. Maybe I’m wrong but I think the docs were right this time.

I have no $ for all that. Does her & her mom live on mars?

That small place has expensive fees. Security. Lawn. Pool. Tennis. Etc. she’ll pay the same to live in a tiny place. Her mom has a weird hold on her. She weighed 140 when her mom move by us. One yr later we divorce. I moved out she weighed 130. Now under 80. Why can she not see? Her autistic child needs her more than a hateful old woman. Priorities.