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my father almost killed me

one day i was having a bad day, i won’t say what was happening really, but all you should really know is that i was cussing and hitting my parents, i couldn’t control myself. my dad made that race like he was gonna murder me, and i lunged to a counter in the kitchen. my parents made up a lie that i was going to get knives, which i remember that even knowing i was bad, i never wanted to kill anyone. my dad grabbed me and put me to the floor, arms wrapped around my neck, then i got tired and closed my eyes. he was hitting me, it became numb, my mom was cheating me on, it was muffled, i opened my eyes, i could only see my eyelashes filled with tears and nothing beyond that, just black. i saw the light, i was scared but peaceful at the same time. my dad let go, and i’ve been traumatized sense.