My father is obsessed to look at my body

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I love my father since my childhood, he used to be my favourite person. But now things have changed. I do not know what has happened to him, he has started seeing me as if he has never seen a woman before. Due to his surgery his heart is weak, I cannot expose him; if I do so, I will loose him forever. My mother and brother say that we do not have any option, we are a family, try to accept this positively. It's very cold at my place; too cold for heart patients. But I cannot stand in front of him to keep him safe against it. It hurts me everyday that my father is growing weaker and weaker everyday. Because It is repelling and disgusting to be seen like this. He is badly obsessed to see my body like this.

I know I will have to accept this, because I do not have any option to overcome this.

But whenever I try to accept it positively, whenever I come across his eyes, I cannot accept the two facts at the same time, that he is my father, and that I am being looked at as a slut by my him. It s very strange and tough.