My feelings

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Hey I just want to say I don't like talking about my feelings or opening up to people I just wish I can talk to someone I care so much for but it's hard cause Like every time I open up to someone I get hurt or heart broke I don't want to be hurt cause one time I almost killed myself and like this one person changed that but my mom makes me feel like I'm ugly,dumb and hopeless I wish I can do better I never felt like this for nobody and people try to mess it up and I can't no more and nobody understand me and I don't know what the fuck to tell my boyfriend he shows me so much love I don't want to lose him but I feel like I have to let him go because I don't want him to give me all his love and shit and I can't do that back I'm tried of stressing and being hopeless I just want him to be happy and Feel free to do what the fuck he wants I get jelly and shit but I be there and I'm so proud of him Thank you for everything I'm going to let go It's going to hurt and he going to say no or give up cause I feel like he tried of me thank you for reading this bye..*!