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My First Break up

my story is not as serious as all the other story I read in here. Its just a silly breakup. Well its my first break up, so I guess I am over reacting. That's what my Ex-boyfriend says. But for me it hurts like hell. It was my first ever relationship and I poured my heart and soul to make it a good one. It happened today. My Ex-boyfriend (dam it hurts when i put ex in front him) said "there is no future for us and if we will continue our relationship it will eventually make our separation more painful. we have to separate our paths"

I accept his words, I accept his emotions but when he said "it won't be difficult" I was shocked to the core. I guess he is more intelligent than me, I am just a silly messed up girl who never thinks before she speak, so stupid to cry on every small thing and create a mess out of nothing.

I love him swear to god I did and I never thought my Ex-Boyfriend who was so sweet caring boy would one day turn his back to me.

My friend said that he could have at least tried to make some settlements for our future but he never did. But my childish heart is not ready to believe that he never loved me. His family is everything for him. I tried to fit in. But the only problem was my childish behavior and my tendency to question every thing rather than blindly following it (in religious matter) but his family objects my genuine curiosities. I guess its right, I can't separate that boy from his family even though this means I have to let him be with someone else. I guess I'll be good being me a stupid childish girl who knows how to love. I won't change my behavior because of my "First Break up".

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Re: My First Break up

Well girl, I cant tell from YRS of exp,no break up is silly or trivial. Guys will often act tough, even say /do mean things to cover up the hurt(they're not supposed to feel) so the "it wont be diff" is coming from a self protection stance. A young guy, with no exp aWAY from his family is gonna choose those He'll know will have his back, emotionally/ financially etc.Anyone becoming a threat to that will have to go.... for now...Its gonna hurt for a while no doubt but The love you have to give is part of who you are, thats part of your emotional make up, and shouldnt have to be "altered to "fit in" a family who deems " Theres no future for Us" I dont think theres any such thing as a Childish heart? If there is then we ALL have one..LOL. No matter your age.Now theres learning from past exps, which you will do and becoming more intuative/perceptive of what your gonna want /settle for in a relationship and you will become more scrutinizing in the future.Your off to a good start with the attitude"I wont change MY behavior". Hang in there sweetie, dont isolate, keep up your hobbys and interests, try to be around your Gfs as much as possible (IN PERSON) If possible. Just keep puttin one foot in front of the other, accept the pain, its perfectly normal. It will subside. THEN, put yourself back out there available for a possble chance meeting, for someone worthy of the love you have to give.