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My first Orgasm

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Confession that i would like to share ever.

I am a 55 years old lady having two son, 31 and 28 years old . Both married and do jobs. My husband and i live together for 35 years now. We live in a conservative society and where sex is a taboo. Due to covid to my work place restructuring was done by employer and i had gone for two week training with my colleague in a city. We stayed in a hotel for two week . Although we were in saprate room but we use to take tea or coffee together in each others room. We become intimate after three days. This was my first time in my entire sex life that i had orgasm. I was shocked by this experience. It was hard to bleave me that such things happens. We had sex every day there and orgasm too. It was hartning experience. Now i am in menopause stage . Now i do sex once or twice in month with my college and feels extremely energetic. Sex was a burden for me for so long is hard to digest many of you. But it is a truth which i always wish to confess. My husband till now take 20 to 30 sec for sex and i take it burden mostly in my life, Life gives many lessons in life which change our bleaves for ever.

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