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My Friend

3 years ago, there's this guy who keeps relaying message on one of my closest friends to me. One time, my friend told me that the guy told her to tell me that I looked really pretty that day. Days passed and whenever I walk past this guy, he'd always smile at me and say hi. But I'd always avoid him, because apparently, my friend likes him since 7th grade. Well, weeks passed, the guy is no longer interested in me, so I was relieved. Now, a year later, this friend and I, talked less to each other and now she met another friend. They were so close to each other and basically treats each other as sisters. Another year passed, the guy who then liked me, started courting this new friend of my old friend. She pretended to be supportive of them and eventually after 3-4 moths, I guess, this guy and her friend are officially in a relationship.