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My friends homosexual life

It is about my best cute friend who shared his story. Read it on his behalf. " It was a marriage ceremony & I was sleeping on the roof top of a village house, where I used to spent summer vacations. At the age of 11, anal fucked by a teen, gay relative. Was not aware what was happening to me. Only when found white sticky gum coming out from the hole. No pain. But I felt it & was guilty. Whenever I saw him, during dinner or bathroom, I felt cheated & discomfort. Much shame in my eyes that I didn't stop him. Many years went by. My behaviour lil changed by then & I started getting attracted towards my male friends & boys. One of my friend use to have blowjob with me while his brother used to have oral sex with me. Once he offered his hole to me, but I controlled myself as it may hurt him. During my college days, I fell in love with my junior roommate. He was quite too. But that was true love. While sleeping, I used to hug him & ride on his body, claiming full rights. Though he respected me, but was uncomfortable with this relationship, as he was straight. Things soon changed ugly, & I became dominant. One day he left me. I cried a lot. But he never looked back & starred hating me. I feel low whenever I remember him. If I had behaved well, he would be my friend forever. I am ashamed of myself. Why God created me?"