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My friends make shitty jokes

Hey there!

This is very random...but I feel like no one else would care so here's me writing on the internet.

It was my birthday and my friends were so sweet to buy me a gift. It was a hoodie, they gave it to me and told me: 'Here is a upgrade, you have been wearing the same clothes for years'. I was very hurt by that, I spend SO MUCH time in deciding what to wear and make cute outfits T^T. And I know, this must be me being dramatic but I was just kinda offended. And insecure me is now searching for new clothes. My friends on the other hand also only have a few sweaters that they wear. So I don't understand what they're talking about. After that comment they told me a few other times. I FREAKING HATED IT.

I know I'm way too sensitive.

Anyways, have a great day!