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My fucked up family relationship

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I have a job, kind of low hours but I clean up around the house, take care of the animals, decent sleep schedule. My only downside is I don't drive. My mom became way too open to me about her and my dads sexual life. She tells me when they get it on and who doesn't finish, recently she told me that she bought my dad a pocket pussy which is something I don't want to hear about to be honest. My brother literally does nothing, he is older than me, jobless and he only takes the trash out once a week and that's if someone carries it for him. He plays video games until 5am and doesn't wake up until 3pm then goes straight back to the game or comes in and annoys me. He barely showers like maybe once every 2-3 weeks and he smells like he hasn't wiped his ass in a decade, How he has a girlfriend is beyond me. For the past 15 years my parents couldn't really talk to each other they have been on a brink of divorce so many times and I say fuck it let them split up I'm so sick of playing the marriage counselor, like a couple nights ago my mom and dad was spending time with their friends that is a couple so kind of like double dating but my mom is so paranoid that the other parties female is trying to get with my dad that she caused a whole fight after they left saying my dad was thinking about cheating or already has. The following day my mom is scrubbing the house mopping and sweeping, cursing at us and saying fowl things like calling me an animal for not cleaning up after someone else or calling people whores all while my dad is work and my brother is asleep. I had 2 days off this week from work and both has been spent trying to talk with my friends to at least play one game of something but I can't because I been dealing with my parents(mom is mainly the issue) and I have been having horrible period pains like constant cramping. My dad isn't a saint he is kind of a slob but he works like 72 hours a week, early on in my parents relationship my mom cheated on my dad but he allows her to go to her friends house on weekends and stay up in the wood with them before he doesn't really seem like he has a grudge and that it kind of just went away but I think that's when their relationship broke apart and my mom allows a lot of tweaker type people in our house because they are friends with her but if my dad goes visits his sister to see how she is doing and if she needs help my mom accusing of him going over there to meet a girl or that he is not trying to spend time with my mom and that he's selfish for not spending he limit time after work with a judgmental abusive wife. She screams and cusses at me all morning then goes smoke weed and act like nothing happens and calls me lazy for not cleaning up her coffee cups and spoons right when I get up but she doesn't have a job, cant even communicate with her husband, used/might still be doing hard drugs and she doesn't go to sleep until 3am so when he leaves for work she can finally lay down because they cant even sleep next to each other without fighting. I'm just sick of this toxic ass relationship and that I'm having to be in the middle of it but all of them thinks I'm there to support them and that I don't have my own life to do