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My gamble journey

Was introduced to gambling in 2010,by a roommate after gaining admission into a prestigious University in Nigeria. At first it seemed harmless and sportive. I mean, since I was a football fan there was no harm in making money of my team. I remember loosing my first bet. I remember it was a chelsea/crystal Palace fixtures. It didn't hurt, owing to the fact that it was a near miss. I never knew things were about to get worse. Later I got introduced into the virtual games. And that was death blow. My entire life began to evolve around the virtual bet shops. The gambler hole theory of recouping previous losses got me returning to those shops everyday only to loose more. 10 years after, i still can't count the money, relationship, certificate and self happiness this demon (gambling) caused me. Many times I have vowed to stop, only to wake up the following morning look for money(borrowed or stolen) to go gamble. I hope I don't end in a vicious circle of poverty. Gambling is suicidal. God help me from this road not to be taken.