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my girlfriend son pt 2

my grammar was a bit off in my first entry because of my frustration but her it goes again. i’m beginning to realize its not so much of him that i don’t like it’s that way his mother treats him, but i still cant get over the fact of how he is. he does the dumbest shit to me and my son like to imitate it because he thinks it’s cute. so just last night i told the little square head boy to take a shower, but he can’t by himself because he doesn’t like water in his face/hair so he’ll cry hysterically. so after that when it was time for him so go to bed in the middle of the night he’ll say “ moooommmmmmyyyy” in the lowest monotone voice about 3 times and cry. he’ll do this about 4 times or so after she checks on him he repeatedly says he doesn’t know why he’s crying. overall i can’t take the softness of a young boy acting in this manner, once again he’s very dainty and spoiled. any advice for me? am i a bad person?