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my good friend

keep your friends close.

Im here to tell you about my old friend. he was literally a brother to me. he would live at my house. we would have amazing times in school and have a good laugh. i had a few moments in life where i just wanted to be alone, however he never understood this. he would still be around me and would lead to me taking out things on him such as being angry. this led us to fall apart. i miss him to bits. this whole quarantine fucked me up hard and i feel like i cant cope without him. there has been many attempts to get him back, sadly non of these have worked. he don't like to talk of the situation anymore. although what i did wasn't even that bad, it led up to this. if your reading this and in the middle of a fall out with one of your friends. please for me sort it out. otherwise you will be in my situation. its hard to see him in school everyday and know he don't want anything to do with me. it can go from being your brother one day and living at your house, to strangers..... don't let it happen people.