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My guy bestfriend

We just graduated. He was accepted into a good college with a full ride. We hung out two weeks ago, and three days after we hung out I was sent his mug shot. He broke into a middle school with three other guys. They broke a few windows and then the cops came. He is charged with 3 incriminating a minor charges because he was 18 and the other guys were 17. He is also charged with all the damage, and breaking and entering. I’m worried about him. This was so unlike him. He’s the type of kid that at school you couldn’t even talk to him in the hallways because all the teachers and kids would be yelling out “hey!” He was one of those people everybody likes. He is also really smart. Finishing out in the top twenty at high school. He has a good set of friends, the “good kids”. And for a guy, he is really sweet and sensitive. He will listen to anyone who just wants to talk. And one year for Christmas he didn’t have money. No one expected him to give gifts. So he decided to make one. He cut down a small tree and make wood slats, which he make us all picture frames out of. What kind of guy does that? Spends hours of his time making something for his friends? And how is that the same guy that is out on a $18,000 bail? I’m worried. I have no idea what his sentence will be. I don’t want my best friend to be in jail. I’m sad and don’t know what to do.