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My heart fooled me:(

For Alex R (ur fav color is yellow)

I loved you alex. I was in love with you. I’m sorry for “ruining” everything, and I’m sorry that your a retarded person. I’m obviously the only mature person in the group. I apologized for something that I didn’t even do while all of you blamed it on me. Especially you. I have cried so many times over you. When you don’t talk to me I feel empty. I cant believe you made such a big deal out of drama that my friend started. It was a joke and Joey took it too far. I’m not in love with you anymore and I don’t love you anymore not even as a friend. I want to be done with you I’m bored with you. I played a game and you were just my pawn but I’m bored of that game now. That game could still be fixed but you have to man up. I don’t feel like fixing it because I have tried to mend it. I cant stop thinking about you though, not because I like, but because I need closure. I need you to admit that you are a bitch with toxic masculinity. Next time you blame someone fucking fight them first.