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my heart hurts

people think that my heart is broken over a guy but really my own mom broke it. and nobody gets that. nobody ever wants to listen to what i have to say. i sit in pain talking to my family and “friends” with a smile on my face because i know if i say something nobody really will want to know what is wrong. i can feel myself drowning out of my own body. i live my life the way any other teen would. out in the open, out with people. but on the inside i can’t feel anything. and i want to give up so bad, but i’m scared. then sometimes i wake up and i feel like i’m better. i truly do, then i sit up in bed and i can feel my heart flow back down into my stomach, back to the state it was in. i try so hard, and nobody even realizes it. my whole body aches from it. i stare my parents in the eyes and smile and nod as they told about child suicide and how they don’t understand it. while i sit there thinking of every possible excuse to stay going. but look at me, here i am still going.

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Reply to my heart hurts.

You have to figure that out. Now. Before you turn into an adult.

Why does it hurt?

What are you going to do to prevent the reason it hurts feom happing again?

How are you going to make yourself feel better when it does hurt?

Figure out the issue. Then see what it is that can be done about it.

If every aspect is out of your control, what are u going to do to move past this to the next?

And after writting your lists, and trying your best, talk to your parents. Ask for a theripist. And show them your lists.

Beacause no one can do it in their own. You got to ask for help sometime.