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I am a 13-year-old girl and my height is 153cm, and the fact wherever I go people be like, ooh~ she is taller than her mother, hmm~ she will marry soon~

I mean what the heck is wrong with those people, my life, I will take care of my own and you people don't have care about me. I thought I can live like that, but now I think about it I can't.

Whenever I attend an occasion, people ask who is she/how old is she/is she studying/which grade...........

I don't get why they look down on my height and do you know what the funniest thing is? At last, they will say, it's good to be tall, people now all are very tall, we're the only ones who are not tall, but our children are really tall, let them grow, people nowadays are all like that. Here they go again.......................

To be honest I don't think my height is way above average because girls in my class are way taller than me. Like when we compare it to the assembly line order, I am not in the front nor in the last neither in the middle. I am someone who comes in between last and middle. So think about it, am I tall for my age.

Our own parents teach us don't compare ourselves with others, but yet that compare us with others. Lucky are those, those who never get compared. The feeling of being compared is really a pain in the heart. Discrimination, I don't think it will ever come to an end, the world is changing still people compare themselves with others. Actually, there is no much difference between 'Discrimination' and 'Comparison'.

I think my height is such a hot topic to start a conversation with.

Even though no one would read it if anyone did can you give me advice on my height, and how I should give them a comeback. So I could tell them that my height is my height, thank you for caring my height, but I think you should care about yourself first that you're way shorter that you're not qualified to advice me.