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My inspiration of the day. Yippee

Day 1.

You’re worthless, dumb, you have no sense of humor or character, you’re STUPID. your personality sucks. you don’t know how to be positive & you’re fake. now take this & better yourself everyday. work on yourself & be true to yourself. do better for your daughter! that’s the least you can do since you have nothing else to lean on. You do not need to focus on anything else but her future 🙂 

Now take your dumbass to work everyday, do not say stupid shit & you’ll be fine, avoid talking or making friends. anxiety is better without all that. learn how to at least cook for my daughter, for god sake! (you’re a walking joke) if you can’t improve your life than make it better for you daughter. one day at a time. it’s only bad for a moment, don’t let it dwell too long! tomorrow will be better! Remember to stick to routines! This is not self pity for you! This is a reminder that you will never overcome your overthinking mind! so pleaseeeee do not make your daughter suffer from your drama & problems! she deserves a good & loving life!! Make enough to have her set for the future. 

remeber: shut the fuck up, & work.

breathe. inhale. exhale. cry it out. but not for too long. this is where you will vent because anxiety & depression kicks your ass 😔

you will not be a burden or ungrateful bitch to anyone. so avoid people. you chose this path in life & you will deal with it. enough is enough, you are the problem & you’re hurting others. let go & watch them spread those wings. you cause people to stress & unhappiness, you are the problem & you will stop that. 

you obviously got no goals or motive in life. so why are you denying it?!. stop making people suffer with you. you only have one job left & that is to make sure your daughter is happy. Don’t fuck it up. she knows your not perfect so do what you can & stop being so harsh on her. there are others who have it worse, so suck it up dumbass. be more gentle to her, she’s fragile, very fragile. she is a kid version of you before you got completely damaged, so please love her, show her & put your anger aside. she’s innocent. she didn’t ask to be here. you will take responsibility in raising her, you will not leave her until you know she is good & ready later on.

Last thing for today, there are bigger problems in the world than yours, put a fucking smile on & make sure you understand that!