My issues don't seem to exist

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I had a fall at 15 years old. I hit my head and got a skull fracture. At hospital I was put on life support for a week as I had a blood clot on my brain. The hit dislocated the bones in my left ear. I had surgery to put them back together, but am of poor hearing in that ear.

I think I have brain damage to the language centre of my brain and that it's the reason I can't control my emotions like everyone else. I went to the doctors and asked about brain damage, and the doctor said the hit on my head was on the language part of my brain, so that would account for language difficulties, but nothing else was done or looked in to. People don't believe I have brain damage and I can't prove it.

I have visual issues where text tends to dance unless I read with a blue tint. It's called irlen syndrome. I got diagnosed by an optometrist. The issue is real, but now aoparently it doesn't exist.

I have terrible period issues. My pmt can get so bad I want to kill myself. My period pains are so bad that sometimes I cannot walk. I take cocodamol and dyfemanic acid and the pain is still too much. I got some sneaky tramadol off someone at work and it made my pain bearable. Doctors won't give me tramadol even though I've had it before for period pains, due to new rules about prescribing addictive pain killers. I've never become addicted to any pain killer. I've seen two gynecologists and both say they are certain I have endometriosis (which runs in my family) but neither will do the invasive surgery to confirm.

So I think I have brain damage, irlens syndrome and endometriosis, but no proof what so ever. I have no confidence in myself. I question if its all in my head? Why can't someone give me proof?