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My job sucks

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I just realized I have a very toxic fucking job. From every aspect imaginable. It is a huge corporation and its a fucking mess. The management is trained to cover every aspect of bs with a different excuse to make every area they are lacking in seem as if its your fault, the Supervisors are well trained circus monkeys. If there is a issue you are inconvenienced to fix it which is a tactic to make you shut the fuck up. Then theyll ask "what can we do to fix it" and come up with some BS to act liked they fixed the issue when in actuality they havent done shit lol. Time to hunt for another job. My knowledge base, my sanity and my talent deserve better than this huge corporation which is the equivalent of a pile of shit. Poor fooled customers, and yes our shit doesnt work worth a gotdamn. They know it, they just want your money so they can travel and soak their flat pale asses on a beach.