My journey ends here<3

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Hey paan, istg i'm glad finally i found you after those 3 YEARS i've been searching ways to contact you and finally i found you today. Juat wanna say that i still love you and i regret for wasting time and lying to myself. I've been lying that i don't need you but deep in my heart imysm and i kept blaming myself for hurting you. I'm sorry for friendzoning you because yea i have a bf and i don't know who to choose. Today is the day that really stressing me out thinking if i should tell you my feelings. I want to tell you that ily and i don't know what to say. I almost cried because finally i found you paan. I found you. I'm glad. If i can hug you i want to do it. But i can't. And i kept thinking if you had a gf or not. I think you have a gf but idk paan i just dk. I want to tell you all this but i don't have courage to do it. So here i am anonymously telling you bout my feelings. Dear muhammad farhan bin norazman istg i'm still in love w you and i'm waiting for you. Ily lots paan. Stay safe and gg in ur life. Ily.