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Ever felt like an outsider on your own home? During this lockdown time my family members made sure that i don't get comfortable at my own house. Whatever i do or whatever I don't do my parents Always scolds me. Whenever they sees me walking or passing through them they always taunts me.

And then comes my elder sibling. Everyone tells how blessed they are to have a sibling in their life but i am not at all blessed. She just makes my life more miserable. She even makes some worst comments on my character. My home is my hell. These daily taunts and daily torture makes me wanna go mad. They won't even give me a bit of privacy. At day time my sister won't go from my room and doesn't give me any privacy and at night my parents won't. I don't even have a room of my own unlike my sister.

I am living her just a guest. I feel like they are really annoyed of me. Cause i have been home for like 5 months cause of this pandemic. I wish i could go somewhere else. Far away. Sometimes i feel like going into a deep hole where i can be alone with darkness by my side holding my hands and then taking me to its void and keep holding me so that i don't go the bright side.