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My life and sexuality . ADDICTION

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I should don't do masturbation

Hey I m a child of 13 years old. Today is 27 july 2020 in india here.. I m sex additictes when I was 6 years old . I was facing many problems in my childhood I watch porn daily that days. I want to live this all but I can't... this will be going a brief story.. I love one girl in my school but she already have bf. I think masturbate daily. I feel very bad I want to stop this all too... But I m not approved by my mind to stop this... i think i will get the prostate cancer also if i do this masturbation daily... And i am a patient of ocd syndrome... I have done many of mistakes in my life in my rent aunt is there I wanted to fuck her .. but I too don't want.. I have no control on my mind ... once a time when I was 8 years old I tried fuck my small sisters but I left her ... I have destroyed my mind.. and 1 month ago I tried not really fucked my rent aunt son he is also so small... Am I a criminal.. This all things I have published in website I have not told this to anyone .. I m finishing myself.. THANK YOU FOR READING THIS..