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i’m a young man who is having a really hard time with life at the moment. I’m have great things in life but these past 6 months have been really hard on me. I struggle with online school losing all interest in my major at school. I struggle with social interactions as a student athlete I am not seeing anybody. The only person I’m allowed to see are other athletes at my school who get tested 3 times a week. My girlfriend is one of them. Without her i don’t know if I would still be here in all honesty.

i have lost all motivation with school and because of that I find shortcuts for assignments. I got in trouble because of that and that might get me in a much deeper trouble because of my status as a student athlete who is not American. I haven’t seen my family for 8 months and I miss them very much so. My grandma died a couple weeks back and my dog got diagnosed withcancer the other day. I’m at a point in life where I don’t know what to do. Covid has clearly made me depressed. But I am depressed to a point where I are fm thinking about ending my life. I want to escape this world. Me getting in trouble for school is just adding up to the glass who is already full. I am really considering ending it all... I haven’t been able to sleep for months now. And the stress of my sport and the life that I’m living right now is making me want to end it all.

thanks for listening. I am hoping this will help me get through this.