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My life

hey what’s up guys I’m 17 year old boy from AZ born and raised. My whole life I was always the bad kid, always misunderstood and blamed for everything. I was never really helped as a kid by my family especially my mother who was an alcoholic and still is; she would leave me alone with my 2 sisters for hours upon hours with no electric so she could waste our child support money on drinks. I strive to help others it really puts a smile on my face and I think it’s because I never got any help when I was younger and I know how difficult it was and is. I continue to help others with their problems but sometimes I get kinda sad because I feel like I do anything for a lot of people and I don’t feel as if they would do the same for me. I guess at the end of the day that’s what makes me different? I’m kinda lost due to struggling with being so close to legally becoming an adult. I say I’m gonna cherish everyday but I don’t. I just float through

the days masking my feelings with physical crutch’s. I wanna change my life in a positive way. Dear god I was just wanna say I love you and thank you for everything you’ve given me. I know I struggle with wanting others to look out for me like I look out for them but I just wanna say thank you for everything. Whoever is reading this i hope you were intrigued with this little taste of my life. Stay tuned you will see more of my articles soon if you like this one:) Godbless you!!

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Re: My life

Hey Ik how you feel it’s hard I’m A girl at that age and idk what to do my dads an alcoholic but he doesn’t want to admit it he’s racist and mentaly abusive but that’s who he chose to be he chose to go with some random chicks and slept with them he put my mom in to some hard thing she would always clean at night on offices and we would have to wait in the car and sleep even if it’s freezing cold or hot it’s in Az lol but he didn’t changed so we left him to change and he went to jail and during those time were hard and we went to a shelter but life is just hard parents are hard they act as if we are the grown up and they are the kids Ik but if anything you can go through this you are stronger and more responsible then her you are amazing even though I don’t know you I can feel you because to your little sisters they love you and so do I even though I don’t now you just know we are here for you they’re people here but hey if you need anything reply back and we can talk ☺️