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My life is a lie.

Do you know what I mean by that? I said that because I lied about having a phone, I lied about my age, I lied about my pray as being a muslim, I lied about everything. My life is full of lies. I think you heard that before somewhere. I lied because I don't want people to look down of me and I don't really care, at all. I know, there's many people think about what I think, but one day, I thought about to change myself. I want to not lie to everyone. If I could. I told everyone that I have a phone while back then. Then that day, I may be honest a bit, but I lied that my phone broke and my mom doesn't want to buy me a phone anymore. I don't even know if I do the right thing, but I was glad and a bit nervous. but until now, I don't change. but I believe one day I will, cause' human can changes.