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My life just sucks

I've been suffering from depression for almost a year now, and since I'm 15, i cant really go out or do what i like because of strict parents. Being the younger sibling hurts because my parents always compare me to him saying "be like your brother" "stop being useless" "work hard like your brother if you want a good life" and yada yada. Whats funnier is my mom got to know abt my mental health after taking me to a doc for blood test, thinking since i dropped in blood levels ive become dull. And whats even more funny is that she did even bother im tellin my father or brother about me or help me. Whats hurts is i cant even talk to my brother about anything cause he sexually harasses me (luckly he didnt make me lose my vcard) and i cant even tell this to anyone because it will ruin the familys reputation. (Will continue pt 2 to complete what i wanna say)