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My life partner

I drink every night to feel light. To feel at ease. I’m tired of being anxious and sad and alone because I was molested and assaulted. I don’t date anymore. I am terrible at friendships too. I’m 32. There’s nothing else if there aren’t human connections.

The bottle is the only thing that’ll always be there for me, until the end. Unfortunately, I think the end is near.

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hey me too.

Cept i still date.

Only makes it worse

Cuz its not really dating. I javent been on an actual dinner movie date in like 15 years

No. Its more like im gonna use your body/bank account/house, but i do t want you.

But the bottle does.

I like it. Sometimes its starting to lose its effevtiveness after a lifetime.

But still.

Its always their.

Even when no one else is.

At least it likes me.

Well, and my bank account.

Hello....I’m here. I just got to this site looking for help with my issues too. I saw your message. Wanna talk? 🤷🏽‍♀️ To be honest I’m kinda in the same stats as you are. Just really needed someone to talk to. Not many friends, just family and co workers. Anyways.....I’m rambling. How are you doing?