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My little story thing (it’s kinda stupid so ignore it)

Feel free to just ignore this rant post thing. I have a friend who’s pretty great and close with me. But this friend, for the sake of this post I’ll use X, I guess is different than I am. I am awful with humans in general and emotions stress me out because I’m just a nerd with no emotional capacity. Anyways I got really insecure a while back that I was just bothering this friend of mine. I reached out via text to X a bunch and X usually replied but rarely ever reached out to me. It kinda made me wonder if this was just a thing about X or was I bothering x and just a bother to talk to. I guess it’s pretty petty and stupid once it’s all written out but I wanted to confirm my insecurity. So I stopped texting x. It’s been a while and they still haven’t reached out which kinda hurts. It might be the quarantine but I feel like we’re drifting apart and I don’t want that to happen. But at the same time I’m worried I’m an annoyance to x and it’s tiring to be friends with me. Anyway that’s all, I know it’s not significant compared to other people’s emotional baggage but I needed to tell someone and I don’t have any big sibling kind of confiding figures in my life for this kind of stuff. If you read through that entire thing wow you’re amazing. Thanks. If you didn’t that’s okay, hope your day is going good.