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So my story is about me and the guy I fell in love with,

I liked this guy for a while because I enjoyed playing and talking to him, that time I showed motives that I liked him and hoped that he felt my motives to him. Last night I confessed that I liked him because I was so scared that he might fell in love with another girl, he said that he likes us just as friends, after what he said I told what happened to my friends and cried at them wondering why he didn't like me, my friends made me realized that I should love myself first before loving someone. The next day he messaged me and said that he also liked me, I don't know what to feel about what he said I was confused, I told him that I should focus on myself. After what happened he didn't message me again. I was worried why he didn't message me again until I gave up on him. Today, someone told me why he didn't message me, it was because of what I said, it was because I told him that I should focus on myself. Someone also told me that he already gave up on me, I like him and he likes me too, yet we were just confused about our feelings.

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