My Love Story_Part 1_Intro

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my previous article got deleted so I have to type this up again and I don't have enough time so I'm doing this in parts, peace :).

The guy is my cousins' cousin, We used to be friends when we were kids, but then I moved abroad at the age of around 6 and we lost touch. I had completely forgot about him (to the point where he had to remind me about our childhood friendship), but we met again at a family gathering and i fell for him head over heals. We met again at a wedding and I fell for him again. We still haven't met in person after that, which was around 4-5 years ago. But we met through social media, I finally got an insta account at the age of 14 or 15 and found him on it. I didn't have the courage to follow him because plot twist, my parents didn't like his family and wouldn't approve of me socialising with him (I also don't know if he knows about my parents not liking his family). But after not being able to keep myself from following him I did, but for some reason I didn't have the courage to like his posts and I did like his posts but after a few weeks. But heart skipped a beat when I got a notification that he had texted back...

To be continued...

Can you guess what he might've said in the text?