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My Marriage Problems were Her Mom

when the earth grew dark for one of God’s Children she grew scared. Her mom put her on the streets. She was hurt badly & cried. No one came. Where is my God?

Then her mom locked her out for good. This is a scary world. She only had sex once; by rape. She cried. Where is my God?

Her parents were incredible it seemed. Athletes. Big. Fast. Strong. Smart. But they let her go. She was the child they didn’t want. Where is my God?

Real monsters appeared. Pretty women wept. She turned to drugs. Where is my God?

God heard her. He had created a hero that men fear. The hero saw darkness at work. He waded in like death.

Men thought they could do as they will. Women can’t fight back. Then God listened to his Child’s prayers. A hero was delivered.

Bad men wept. wanting mercy they didn’t give. He pounded them into the ground. Taught them to weep.

It was time for him to fly. But he had paused.

He embraced her in his wings. The angel she had begged for. Are you Jesus? No. I’m his angry brother. Jesus forgave the wicked. I hurt the wicked.

She held her illusion & flourished. Her angel. He smiled & watched over.

Then the one who cast her away came back. She had to choose. Her angels wings were broken. Death had found him at last. All must die; even the pure. She chose her mom. Cast out her angel.

He tried to spread his wings one last time. She would need him. The babies would need him.

But even hero’s die.