"My Mind"My Mind

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By- Young Intell,


A rollercoaster and within each seat is a demon eating my soul,

Within my heart I know im dying, and on the outside I look cold,

And if you dig a little deeper through my past then you'll see,

Darkness and black paint all covered up scenes.

pictures ripped off the walls of my skull,

I look around and everything's disgustingly dull,

On line with the Devil, God never gave me a call,

He says he wants to help me out if id just give him my soul.

Thoughts like a storm filling the rooms of my dome,

tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes, and snow,

I feel like i'm trapped in Hell, I think i'm going insane,

pressure on my cranium fucking hits like a train.

but I know that i'm a fighter and i'm Dying to live!

my mind set straight forward using my given gifts,

ill change the world my own way cause i won't take your shit,

today's the preset tomorrow's the future and the past can suck my d**k.