My mom

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I’m just in so much pain, mentally, and I have bipolar depression. My mom is the root of all my problems she’s not abusive at least not physically, mentally yes. She’s constantly screaming at me telling me to run away or to kill myself and honestly I would but, there are only a few people i’m still hanging on for. Some of my friends and my dad. My dad is the sweetest person alive and I love him so much I wouldn’t want to hurt him in any way which my death might cause him pain. And my friends bring me joy everyday without them I definitely would be gone by now. But everyday is just harder and harder and I’m questioning more and more what is holding me back and why I’m still holding on to life when i’m just hanging on by a thread. My mom and me are so similar and it scares me. I don’t want to be like her, or end up like her. She always comparing me to my “perfect brother” and pulling the “I don’t play favorites” card which just infuriates me more. Whenever we get into fights or arguments she’ll act like nothing ever happened and if i mention it she’ll put the blame on me or call me a crazy brat. Anywho just wanted to rant a little bit, if your mom or parent is like this too i’m so sorry you have to go through that everyday, it fxcking sucks.