My mom

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Yeah she's hard working ( to the point I grew up never really experience a motherly love) Yeah she's a loving mom ( to my older siblings but not to me)

Have your back even if you move out already( that privilege is for my older siblings only) She will never hit you ( again privilege is for my older siblings but not me) She will never compare you to anyone and support you to the things you want to do in life (for my siblings again. I grew up always asking myself why my mom treats me differently than my older siblings and yes I'm the youngest. I never had something new it's always hand me downs from my older sister(I'm thankful for that). I envy her while growing up, my mom always support her and praise her. My sister is perfect in my mom's eyes while me... I can't do anything right for my mom, She always compare me to other kids that's why I grew up not having any self esteem. In elementary and high school classmates told me they envy me because for them I'm talented but I always questioned that. Me talented? then why is it that for my mom I can't do anything? And as the years past by I develop Depression and start excluding myself from everyone. I will always lock myself in my bed room and skip meals from time to time but no one really notice that. I'm still mentally unstable, I don't know if they haven't notice that in 5 years that I'm depress or they just don't care. up until now my mom will tell me I'm a burden and that motivates me to work hard so that I can finally move out and cut ties with them. The way my mom treated me while growing up made me Independent and I'm thankful for that.