my mom abuses my dog

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my mom decided to get a dog for my 10 year old sister, everything was fine until my mom started hitting the dog because she pees on the floor. no, not just a simple tap, she takes the dog and rubs her face in her own piss,like saying "look at what you've done" she then throws the dog in her cage and i will always hear her whimpers. my sister doesn't take her outside, so most of the time shes in her cage with her pee pad that barely ever gets changed. my mom, dad,and even my 2 year old brother abuses her. not only was it the dog, but so was the cat i got about a year ago. my mother would grab my cat by its tail or kicked him by the side of his stomach, making my cat throw up, which made my mom even more pissed off. when ever my mom where to hit the cat, my brother was always there and sees everything she did. my brother soon enough thought himself to abuse my cat, and whenever i open my mouth to tell him to stop, my mom gets mad. there was this one time i argued on the subject and she promised she'd be better, but yet again she failed that promise. a few minutes ago my dog came upstairs and peed outside of my door. my mom came to the surprise and went down stairs to get the dog, brought her up, and rubbed her face in her own piss. i was so mad i unlocked my door and told her to stop. to which she said

"shut up" there was also this one time the dog was sleeping in my sisters room and my mom was furious,saying that the dog was biting things but she was clearly sleeping my mom wakes her up and kicks her down the stairs.

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