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My mom is a bitch

My mom is a bitch. I was eating when my sister put our puppy on my bed. I was trying to get the puppy off but my sister kept putting her on. I was mad and my mom heard. And then my sister hit me for no reason. Obviously, I was mad. So when I finished eating, I got up to hit my sister. My mom wanted to know why I wanted to hit my sister and I told her. She got mad at ME because I waited a few seconds to finish eating and hit my sister. But if I told my mom before my sister, I would get mad at for not hitting my sister, causing an issue and an argument, and wasting my energy and time on fighting my sister. But if I hit her and caused an issue, I would get mad at for not telling my mom and NOT wasting energy. My mom is not trying to be a good parent at all. She isn't even trying. My mom should have asked what was going on, understand BOTH sides of the situation, and THEN conclude who gets punished. I am not a parent, but that would be better to do. If my mom somehow reads this, I want her to know that she should learn to be a better parent. She. Is. A. Bitch.