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My mom’s friends husband

I know what I’m thinking is so so wrong and really terrible and I wish it could stop but here they are:

My moms best friend is also her boss but they are very close. Which would also make me (F16) close to their family as well. We stay over at their house often and have gone on vacation together. I’ve known them since I was 6.

Her husband, let’s call him Jake, looks at me a lot. Ever since I started puberty, my breasts have been pretty big. I think I have a okay body. It’s kind of an hourglass with 34DD. He’s 37. He’s not the worst looking and lately, it doesn’t really bother me that he looks anymore. Recently, I’ve worn push up bra’s and v-necks whenever I go over to their house.

Anyways, our families kind of drifted a bit because of quarantine but we reconnected this past week. I spent some time with Jake and we’ve gotten a little closer. He stands pretty close to me.

The worst part about it is that I can’t stop thinking about fucking him. I’ve always been into 30-40 year old celebrities/famous people and not really into famous people my age-ish. I’ve always pretty much had a daddy kink but it’s been acting up lately. I can’t stop thinking stuff like: what if he chokes me as he’s ramming his dick into me? what if he pulls on my hair as he’s taking me from behind? what if he cums all over my face? what if he slaps me and makes me call him daddy? I feel so guilty for thinking these things but they’re thinks that I want.

Any advice? I know it’s awful on my side but please please do be respectful or give constructive criticism. Sorry, thanks.

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Re: My mom’s friends husband


It must be super confusing feeling that way. I just wanted to share some thoughts. First of all, you shouldn´t feel guilty about what you think or how you feel, since we have no control over that. What we do have control over is how we react to these thoughts and feelings and what we do with them.

Having a daddy kink is more common than you would think. I think that as long as you don´t actually do anything with him, it´s OK. I´d advise to meditate on why he specifically is causing you to feel that way? I mean, sometimes, we´re attracted to people for different reasons than we think. Like yes I understand that you like older people, but why him specifically? Is it because he is sort of "forbidden"? to put it in a way. If so, what would you gain with being involved with him specifically? Maybe you are idealizing him a little bit. I´m just asking you to give it some thought since I truly believe that the most important thing is to understand why we think or do things.

The age difference is also something to consider, especially since he is a famiy friend, things would probably get super weird and you might end up with emotional wounds that you couldn´t even imagine now.

When I was 16 I used to hang out with a 32 year old man. I almost had sex with him, but eventually I just backed off (mainly because of my shyness) but still now, I look back (I´m 22 now) and I am seriously so glad I didn´t, like all I feel is pure relief honestly.

My point is, it´s OK to have sexual thoughts about people we shouldn´t be having sexual thoughts about, just consider why he specifically is causing that, and try not to do anything about it, keep it in your mind, a safe place

(Also he probably does not fuck as well as you´re thinking he does)