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my moms trying to kill me

i need help im 14 i have a six year old brother and my mom went craxy today like actually ccrazy she smashed my phone and pulled out a bunch of my hair and punched me a couple times idk what to do my dad is on drugs right now and all i have is my school computer i tried to email my aunt but it wont go threw because its school guidelines and i cant login into my instagram or anything i think she is gonna kill me or hurt me badly today when she was screaming at me she was talking about how her dad hit her and she kept repating "there was so much blood" im scared like really scared im brooklynn my insta is special.ed_ah_im_a_re_re if you want to know if i actualy live or whatever you can text me and im not lieing or trying to get pitty i genually need advice

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Re: my moms trying to kill me

I'm so sorry to hear this but please seek help immediately! If you're at school tell your situation to your teachers or school counsellors, maybe you could borrow a phone from the teacher to contact your aunt? I'm sure your teacher is gonna help you to contact the people you need...Please stay strong!

hey this is a little update to let people know i am safe i made it to my aunts house. thank you for helping me i really appreciate it i really needed help im no longer going to see my mom if i have a choice and im thinking about moving in with my aunt and uncle with my brother because its much safer here obvisly and to the people that contacted my insta my mother has the password and i cant login to it because she changed the number and everything