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My mother

Hey guys. I don't know if anyone would be reading this, but I'm a teenager. my parents got divorced a few yeras back, and my mum had the full ability and resources to stay with us but she didn't. She chose her career and left me. As the eldest of three siblings, I have spent the most time with her. I was there when she had my two siblings, I was there when she got her first job, when she got the PHD. I was there when she cried. I was 15 when i first comforted her. And she threw all that away because of money. Fame. Recognition. She left me. As a child, I was always awkward. Socially distant. Not a very huggy type. After my mum left, I became more cold and harsh, more anxious and cautious of everything. On the bright side, I got a whole lot mature, but she broke me. She ruined me. She gave me anxiety. Panic attacks. I can't trust anyone now. I have stopped venting. Which is why I'm here. I feel uncomfortable sharing my feelings. I didnt use to, with a specific someone, but after an incident, I stopped. I hope this website helps.