My mum is starting a relationship with someone who has committed murder

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I am in my 20s and I live at home with my mum. My mum has been speaking to a man she found on an online dating site for a while now. However this man is currently in prison for murder. He murdered his sisters partner as she was a victim of domestic abuse and he is due to be released this year. He comes across as very intense and has asked to speak to me on a few occasions and told me to buy gifts for my mum on his behalf. He keeps saying he can’t wait to meet me and my sister and he keeps telling me he loves my mum and he can’t wait to be part of our lives. I feel like this is very intense and I do not feel comfortable about this in the slightest but I’m scared of upsetting my mum. I don’t believe you can love someone you have never met in person and he is in prison and has no contact with his own family so I feel like he is putting all of his attention on my mum and it’s actually rather disturbing the conversations i over hear with them. My mum hasn’t been the best judge of character in the past when it comes to men and I feel like this is just history repeating itself. I also have no one at all I can speak to about this as I am the only person in my family to know about him and she doesn’t want me to tell my own friends either. I’m also scared of my sisters reaction too when she finds out as she can be stubborn and she is newly pregnant so any added stress may cause issues, and i don’t think she would be comfortable with this man becoming part of our family either especially as she is having her first child. I know people deserve a second chance and the reason for his crime was to protect his sister but I can’t help but feel very uneasy about the entire situation. And like I mentioned, the way in which he speaks to me and my mum is very very intense and I am losing sleep and feeling so anxious about being the only person knowing about this and not being allowed to tell anyone. Does anyone have any advice or guidance on how I can deal with this situation?

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